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School's out for summer, there are all kinds of amazing things growing, and people are looking to party! So why not join in the fun while earning yourself a reputation as a community supporter and terrific cook as well as possibly winning a cash scholarship to boost your school/college prep? Look no further, we have it all plus more!

At the Whistler's Faire June 21st in Wellsville, Utah we are having an amazing time with all of the costumes, stories, treasures, magicians, games...and amazing food that will earn you all that plus more!  Tickets are only $5 each, with family vouchers available during pre-purchase for only $25 for up to 8 people (link found on the main pages). To apply to join in as a contestant and to earn that awesome cash scholarship, simply fill out the form below and email it in, and we'll be in touch before seeing you there!

Stone Soup Cook-Off scholarship competition student application As part of the Whistler's Faire Wednesday June 21st, we're offering several competitions including our biggest: the Stone Soup Cook-Off, a scholarship competition meant to benefit both high school and college students as teams work together to show off their culinary skills in producing the best meals for all to enjoy! This is also a special part of a fundraising event, meant to benefit the Wellsville Tabernacle. So for all the college school students out there, get ready to roll up your sleeves and show off your impressive love for all things food as you fill in this application and get ready to win the scholarship check!  Applications are due by June 19, 2017 and can be emailed to or turned into the Handcrafter’s Lair’s farmer’s market booth.
Phone #: ____________________     Age: ________  School Attending: __________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact: ___________________________________ Phone #: _________________________
Emergency Contact: ___________________________________ Phone #: _________________________
Insurance Co & Group Number: ___________________________________________________________
Do you have a food handler’s permit, and what cooking background do you have? (this is to help us in organizing the teams. Food handler’s permits are a help and can be obtained at the Bear River Health Department, but are not a requirement. )  __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
As a contestant of the Whistler’s Faire Stone Soup Cook-Off, I agree to the following:
*I promise to abide by all that is presented here and the rules of the contest.
*I agree to be respectful of others and will listen to the event coordinators and team leaders.
*I understand there is an element of risk involved with any cooking event, particularly with a varied team, and agree to be patient and I will follow safe cooking and cleaning methods as I work with my team members.
*I understand that the contest decision declared at 8pm the night of the cook-off will be final, and is not up for debate.
*I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the Board of Directors and volunteers of The Wellsville Foundation, Inc, and the Whistler's Faire coordinators and volunteers.
*I authorize the use of photos, videotape footage, and/or sound recordings for whatever use by the Whistler's Faire organizers.

Rules of the Stone Soup Cook-Off Scholarship Competition June 21, 2017            
*All participants will be set up into teams at the discretion of the event organizers.
*Ingredients are being donated by local farmers and businesses. Each contestant is allowed to bring up to 3 of their own ingredients and each ingredient must be listed on the back of your contestant application or emailed to for pre-approval.
 *Contestants will meet at the Wellsville Square pavilion at 12:30PM on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Team assignments will be made and organizers will present an orientation and review of the rules and proper food preparation/presentation.  Ingredients will be after the work spaces are set up by the teams. Your teams will have until 5:30 to cook and present their servings and buffet service before the judges and royal procession, at which time teams will begin serving the attending public.
 *Basic tools and equipment will be provided for use.  A list will be made available 1 week prior. If  contestants have items they’d like to donate for use during the event, they may contact the event organizers at Permission must be gained before you can put them into use. The Whistler’s Faire Stone Soup Cook-Off organizers and volunteers, and The Wellsville Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors will not be responsible for any damages done to equipment brought to be used during this event.
 *Judging will be based upon 4 categories: Taste, Presentation, Creativity, Popular Vote, and Cleanliness/Efficiency. A score of 10 possible points is available for each category, 10 being the best. There is a bonus 5 points available for each of the teams that use all of the ingredients presented to them.
 *The popular vote will be done by each of those purchasing a meal voucher as will be explained the day of the event. The popular voting closes at 7:30PM, or when the food runs out. Meal vouchers are available for purchase with participating vendors, and at as well as
 *Each team will clean up their own work/service area and will help pack up the tools, equipment, and food. You will need to have your spaces cleaned, cleared, and packed up by 7:45, so we advise that you work as a team to accomplish this as the meal service happens. Points will be deducted after 7:45 if workspaces not cleaned and ready to be cleared.
 *If there is any remaining food, it will be donated to the local food pantry as is safely applicable.
 *Please keep all non-contestants out of your team’s work areas. Stay focused on your own tasks, listen to and respect all others.
 *The Stone Soup Cook-Off event organizers reserve the right to make additional, purge, or modify rules and regulations as needed.  Organizers’ decisions are final. Organizers are not responsible for any items left unattended at any time.
 *Winners will be announced at about *PM. Good luck and have fun!

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