Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Magic Stone

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The folk tale known as "Stone Soup" is a well loved favorite for several people from a great many corners of the world. It refers to a variety of times and cultures, but all of them carrying the same core tale. Perhaps, just perhaps, there might be a reason why so many cultures, times, and people have centered their stories on a magic recipe that brought all together to feast and enjoy?

Well, we're going to find out....and while we're doing it, see how much fun we can have while also helping some worthy college and high school students find the cash necessary to fund their educational endeavors all at the Whistler's Faire June 20th at the historic Wellsville Tabernacle.

Just as the Stone Soup tale tells, we're gathering ingredients from all of the food-based businesses and farmers in our area and giving them to those Teams whose pots bubble with the stone's magic. The teams will consist of Culinary students/pairs who choose to take up the challenge to be paired with all the college and high school students who sign up and all work to win the magical Stone. The culinary students are competing for a $250 cash scholarship (if a paired team, they will split the prize), and the college and high school students who sign up will be organized into teams and paired with the culinary students by the event organizers as they also compete to win the $100 per student to the winning team. To submit an application as a student competitor, Click Here and fill out the application or email To enter as a culinary student to head a team, please email directly and we'll be in touch asap

There will be a royal procession to the King's Feasting table where judges will first sample and then present to the nobility, at which time all guests are set to enjoy the feast and find their own favorite! Vouchers are only $5 per person (with a special family voucher available $30 up to 8 people), and includes a bowl of soup from each of the teams and a sampling of their offerings to the high table. Or you can opt to only pay $3 per person for a small sample cup from each soup pot and vote. Those who are competing in the contest or volunteering for the Whistler's Faire need not get a meal voucher, it is part of our way of thanking all of you!

The judges aren't the only ones choosing the winners of the Cook Off, though their decisions and opinions are valued and will factor into the decision of who will win. Each of those purchasing a meal voucher for the event will also have the opportunity to have their say by first enjoying each team's offerings and then voting using the tickets included with your voucher to find the most delectable dishes. And don't forget about the Baker's Delight contests, one of which is solely for the Stone Soup ticket holders to choose a winner of as well!

The meal itself won't begin until about 5:30pm (and then will be served until 7:30 or until the food runs out), but with a great deal of free fun and entertainment abounding you won't want to wait until then to come! Upon arriving and checking in with the King's Table, each person attending will be able to participate by voting or entering into the costume contest, a scavenger hunt, storyteller's labyrinth, fighter's displays and practice, Rogue's Challenge, Brute Squad fundraiser, vendor's booths, and more (there's even a splash pad and playground adjacent for families to enjoy)! Then at 6:00, the Magician's Purse will begin with magic abounding as the competition heats up to wow the crowd and carries us all away to the Dessert Dash auction where your sweet tooth and your eyes will finally get to agree with your stomachs while you combine your wallets with your tablemates!

The night will end after the nobility announce the winners of the contests and hand out prizes (around 8pm) and everyone is able to relax a bit as they work their way home to happy dreams and visions of what new adventures will wait when the Stone's magic begins to once again make its way out around the feet of the beautiful Wellsville Tabernacle.

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