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Calling all those ages 14 to 21 years old, and all adults with a food handler's permit and a love for good food.....

We are very, very excited to open this opportunity to all those interested in competing for the cash prize and show off your culinary gifts....and all to help raise the funds needed to reopen the Wellsville Tabernacle to the public to enjoy and use!

August 3rd, 2016 the Wednesdays in Wellsville farm and craft market is hosting a bardic festival called the Whistler's Faire. As part of the event, we're opening up the opportunity for all those interested to participate in a community cook off. The way it will work is that the youth entering will be divided into teams headed up by the adults (all adults MUST have an active food handler's permit, something easily obtained from the Bear River Health Department by attending a class held each Monday at 3:30 for $20). The cost for each competing youth is $15 each (100% of which is being used for the final prize).

Each of the competitors will join together during the day of August 3rd to meet your teammates and begin the challenge. All of the ingredients, in true Stone Soup tradition, will be donated from a variety of sources from the community. The way for everyone not competing to participate is terrifically yummy....we need ALL of you to come with your empty tummies to vote for your favorite! If purchased before that date, tickets are only $5 each person or you can purchase a family ticket for $25 (for up to 8 people, with $4 per person for any additional that you need to add to that family ticket). The cost at the door will be a flat $6 for each person (family meal tickets are only a pre-purchase option). You can purchase tickets at the Wednesdays in Wellsville market booth on Wednesday evenings from 3-7pm, or from The Handmade Heritage booth Wednesday evenings or Saturdays at the Logan farmer's market (at the historic courthouse on 200 N Main in Logan, 9-1pm). (100% of the meal tickets are going towards the Tabernacle funds.)

To apply as a youth, please click through HERE to download and fill out the application and then send it in or drop it by the booth.

To join in as an adult competitor, please click through to HERE to download and fill out the application and then send it in or drop it by the booth.

To purchase meal tickets or reserve your tickets, please either stop by the booths as described above or email for more direct information.

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