College Student Applications

 Summer is here, there are all kinds of amazing things growing, and people are looking to party! So why not join in the fun while earning yourself a reputation as a community supporter and terrific cook and possibly winning a cool $250 to boost your school/college finances? Look no further, we have it all plus more!

At the Whistler's Faire June 20th in Wellsville, Utah we are having an amazing time with all of the costumes, stories, treasures, magicians, games...and amazing food that will earn you all that plus more!  Tickets are only $5 each, with family vouchers available during pre-purchase for only $25 for up to 8 people (link found on the main pages). To apply to join in as a college contestant and to earn that awesome cash scholarship, simply fill out the form below and we'll be in touch before seeing you there!

We've just learned that all of the forms have a major error here online, and the information submitted through them did not reach the proper destinations so the information is lost. Please email us or copy/paste the information that we'll be posting here as quickly as possible and email it to Especially with all the issues we're seeing with this, those who step up at this point are far more guaranteed those cash prizes which may also be increased depending on response!!!

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